What is Poly rattan? Get to know Rattan Synthetic Webbing

What is Poly rattan?

At a glance, when looking at furniture made from Poly rattan, it is very possible that you cannot distinguish this basic material from the original Poly rattan.

How not, in appearance, woven from Poly rattan looks the same as that made from original Poly rattan.


However, naturally, the type of Poly rattan is different from the natural one. If natural poly rattan is a type of plant that is used as a base for various furniture, poly rattan comes from processing plastic materials through a factory process.


Yes, this type of Poly rattan can not be directly taken by nature, but through a long process that is managed by sophisticated machines.


Variety of Poly Rattan Material

Poly rattan variety of natural materials can also be divided into two raw materials, namely the type of polyethylene and the other type is called polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

From the processing of these plastic materials, later can be produced strands of synthetic Poly rattan with three types. There is a type of poly strap that is wide and flat.


There is a poly core type that is rather round in shape, and another there is a poly peel model that resembles a semicircular shape. These three types make craftsmen freer to weave synthetic Poly rattan into attractive handmade products.


Actually, Poly rattan arises because of the very popular nature of Poly rattan in the community. Previously until now, it is undeniable that many people continue to hunt furniture from Poly rattan material for furniture needs.


It could be, you also include lovers of products from Poly rattan because this type of main material has many advantages and is able to bring the impression of vintage and classy as well.

Woven Poly Rattan Crafts

The high demand for Poly rattan on one hand makes Poly rattan woven handicrafts a promising business potential. However, on the other hand, there are concerns that nature will not be able to provide the need for poly rattan in accordance with community orders.


This is because Poly rattan plants have a relatively long growth time, even though demand continues to flow all the time. To meet the demand for Poly rattan, other alternative materials were begun to be sought so that everyone could still get their ideal Poly rattan woven crafts.


Plastic is the answer to creating imitation Poly rattan that is very similar to the original, which until now is known as synthetic Poly rattan.

Not only is it popular with the community because of its texture and model that resembles natural Poly rattan, but Poly rattan is also often the choice because it is considered more environmentally friendly.


Yes, with Poly rattan, the sustainability of the growth of Poly rattan plants will be better maintained so as to prevent this population from becoming extinct.

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