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Along with the increasingly minimalist residential model, the need for interiors to complement the concept of occupancy is also increasing.


One of them is a folding chair that you can get from PT. Belvalley, a distributor of quality and reliable folding chairs.


As mentioned, of course, this one device can be folded and stored practically if not used.


This is why many folding chairs are part of minimalist houses or studio type apartments that prioritize multifunctional furniture.


Especially at this time, the furniture is designed with increasingly stylish and trendy to meet the decorative elements of the room. The size is compact so that to save it does not require a lot of space.


In addition to completing minimalist houses, folding chairs are also widely chosen as chairs to hold events such as celebrations, seminars, workshops, training, and the like.


Consider the following points in choosing a folding chair! Beware does not let the wrong type or size so that you are not in vain you buy this furniture.


Customize the furniture product you want to buy with the circumstances and your needs.


For example, when they want to hold a meeting in the office of the chosen folding chair should be light-weighted. This is because it is easy to move, tidy up and store again after it is used.


If the folding chair is too heavy, of course, it requires more energy if you want to transport it to another room or location.


Storage space must also be taken into consideration so you are advised to choose a folding chair that is compact.



In general, there are two types of folding chairs, backrest or not. Chairs with backrests are certainly more comfortable to use because users can rest their backs when they are tired.

Such chairs are suitable for long events, such as seminars or training.


While folding chairs without backrest are more used for short-term use or in a narrow room, for example in waiting rooms without long queues, corners of the house, and others.



For that, you certainly must first measure the room that will be used as storage.


Consider how many folding chair products you want to buy so that you can estimate the available space is enough to accommodate how many products.


More and more folding chairs are equipped with various features, for example folding chairs with additional tables, folding chairs with wheels to be easily moved, and folding chairs that can be assembled with similar products.


Folding chairs with desks are often called college chairs or student chairs that make it easy for users to write on them.


Lecture folding chairs are generally also equipped with baskets at the bottom of the holder to place things. Folding chairs equipped with wheels is certainly easy to transport.


Folding chairs that can be arranged like a cinema chair are used at events that require participants to sit side by side without distance. This may be due to the condition of the room that is not too big.

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