Outdoor folding chairs Outdoor chairs with a low surface the fabric

In addition to the type of folding chairs as discussed above, you also need to know about folding chairs that are suitable for accompanying outdoor events, such as picnics, going to the beach, fishing, camping, and hiking, or watching outdoor shows.


In general, lounge chairs are designed with a low position so that it is comfortable to use. Its weight is very light so it is easy to carry around.

This low-light chair is equipped with short but strong chair legs so that the lounge chairs are not directly in contact with the ground/grass surface. this is called a low style chair.


Outdoor chairs with a low standard surface height from the base are 3 cm to 40 cm. In addition to paying attention to the robustness of the strut or its legs, also make sure it has adequate stability or strength.


Although its main function is to be used outdoors to relax, it doesn’t matter too if you want to use it indoors instead of a single sofa.

Additionally, you can also place it on the porch of the house, balcony, backyard, gazebo, or near the pool to sunbathe after sports swimming.


In addition to outdoor folding chairs for outdoor, other portable lounge chairs are the director’s chair or director’s chair. This is so because its shape is similar to the director’s chair.

The material for making the director’s chair frame is quite diverse, namely from wood or lightweight metal, while for the seat is fabric.


Placing this furniture on the front porch is perfect for displaying a safari or natural atmosphere.

Its sleek, foldable, and moveable shape makes this chair practical enough to complement your occupancy due to its multifunctional use.

Director’s chairs are available in products that have armrests or no armrests.


If you want to look more attractive to meet the decorative elements of the house, choose a director’s chair with a colorful holder or bright motif.

This portable chair can be placed permanently in one part of the house, or just opened from the folds and used whenever needed.


It is not wrong if these practical and multifunctional chairs are suitable for homes with minimalist concept, but may also be part of a house with spacious rooms.

To store this kind of chair is very easy, which is put in a cupboard, even can also be hung so it doesn’t waste the room.


The use of outdoor furniture for the room began to bloom, which is called the eclectic style.

One of them is folding chairs that are suitable to be placed in various rooms in a residential area, starting from the family room, workspace, dining room, and others.


Well, that’s some important things related to folding chair products, as well as recommendations for you that can be found at PT. Belvalley, a distributor of quality and reliable folding chairs.

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