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Office Furniture is an important element of the office environment. Office furniture is needed so that office work can be done efficiently and comfortably. So office furniture must be functional and comfortable so that employees can work well.


Every office needs office furniture as a basic facility. Office furniture can be made of wood, iron, plastic, and fiberglass. Attractive Office Furniture can give an impressive office appearance.

Belvalley provides office furniture with various types and models, such as:

  • Selling Filing Cabinets
  • Selling Director’s Chairs
  • Selling Seats
  • Selling Office Chairs
  • Selling Stacking Chairs
  • Selling Filing Cabinets
  • Sell Locker
  • Selling Desk
  • Selling shelves


Belvalley provides quality office furniture products at affordable prices. For consultation and ordering of office furniture products, please contact us by pressing the WhatsApp button in the lower right corner.



Home Furniture is a type of furniture that is generally used in residential homes or the like. Home furniture has long been used in the home to support daily activities at home.


Along with the times, the need for home furniture is also developing in addition to supporting activities at home, also to organize the house to make it look beautiful and neat.


Belvalley provides home furniture with various types and models, such as:

  • Buffet selling
  • Selling Dining Sets
  • Selling Dining Chairs
  • Selling Wardrobe
  • Selling the Dining Table
  • Sell nightstand
  • Selling multipurpose shelves
  • Selling Recliner
  • Selling Sofa Bed
  • Selling Stool


Commercial Furniture is a type of furniture that is commonly used in places of business or shopping centers. Commercial furniture has an important role in supporting business activities.


Commercial furniture is used to provide convenience for consumers in shopping. In addition, commercial furniture also serves to display the products to be sold in an attractive manner so as to attract consumers to buy these products and also add value to selling these products.

Belvalley provides commercial furniture with various types and models, such as:

  • Selling Airport Chairs
  • Selling Bar Stools
  • Selling Tolix Chairs
  • Sell Locker
  • Selling shelves


Outdoor Furniture is a type of furniture that is made with special resistance to be used outdoors. Outdoor furniture has more resistance to a variety of outdoor weather compared to other types of furniture.


Outdoor furniture is commonly used in parks or terraces. In addition, many restaurants or restaurants also use outdoor furniture for outdoor dining areas. Along with the times, outdoor furniture is also developing so that it has a variety of models and types.

Belvalley provides outdoor furniture with various types and models, such as:

  • Sell Synthetic Rattan Swing
  • Selling Folding Chairs
  • Selling Lounger
  • Selling tables and garden chairs
  • Selling patio tables and chairs
  • Selling Folding Tables
  • Sell Zero Gravity Chair

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