Folding chair distributor products sell quality and reliable folding chairs

The following are some types of folding chairs with the best design that can be considered to complement your home.



The advantage of this folding chair is that it is very compact and practical, without requiring a lot of storage. The color is neutral enough to be suitable for use in a variety of events or just sitting in a corner of the room, indoor or outdoor.


Although lightweight and easily transported everywhere, this folding chair is equipped with a backrest so that the user does not get tired even if he has to attend a long-lasting event.


When opened it looks like a stool or barstool but is certainly shorter. This semi stool folding chair has a handle that makes it easy to carry it. Its weight is less than 2 kg so it is practical if you want to be moved.


This chair is suitable to be placed in a corner of the room or on the event mat is informal (informal). The shape is very small so it is suitable to be part of the interior in minimalist homes. Even though it looks slim, this portable chair is designed with sturdy legs so that its durability is guaranteed.



This folding chair is very unique because the designer thought of how to store this chair. Part of the backrest is designed to be narrow, only measuring less than half the usual backrest. Also available is a hole to hang the chair on the wall.


In addition to complementing the interior of the house, buying a few such chairs and storing them at home will be very useful, for example when holding events. Besides this lightweight folding chair is also suitable for use when your house is visited by many guests at Eid or Christmas.


The main material of this folding chair is a steel frame, while the back part is lightweight but strong plastic. This folding chair is guaranteed to be safe because it meets safety and durability standards.


One more product folding chair without a back that is suitable for your home. This folding chair is not only designed to fulfill its function but also fashion or decorative. This chair with a simple design can be futuristic in appearance with metallic colors so it is suitable for modern and modern shades.


The main material is stainless steel, aka stainless steel. This is why in addition to being placed indoors, this folding stool chair may also be placed outdoors, for example on a porch. It weighs only 1.9 kg.


This folding chair with an additional table usually complements classrooms at school, campus, or tutoring institution. This folding chair plus the table is also used for seminars and makes it easy for attendees to record important material from the speaker.


At the bottom of the seat, there is a basket to place various items, for example, the user’s bag because the table is too narrow to place other items, aside from a book. The advantage of this product is that it has pocketed the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) certificate.


This is why this chair is comfortable and safe for users. Even though the shape is bigger when compared to other portable folding chairs, because of the presence of the table, but when folded saves space.


This folding chair design is very prioritizing the safety of its users. You can see the curved backrest design so that anyone who sits doesn’t fall over easily, especially children.


This folding chair can withstand loads up to 80 kg, with a modern and simple design style, suitable for housing with limited land. You should buy a chair like this more than once because it will look better in terms of decorative if there are a pair or more.



To complete your dining room, just choose a simple folding chair made of galvanized steel on the frame and polypropylene plastic for the seat and back. Although sturdy and durable in a long time, this folding chair is very light. This chair can hold weights up to 100 kg.


Storage is also quite flexible. You can put it in a room or hang it on the wall. This folding chair is designed with a simple design and is available in neutral white or black. That way you can easily match it with the dining table.


Maintenance of this chair is very easy, which is enough to be cleaned from dust regularly and wiped with a damp cloth if exposed to dirt, such as spilled drinks or food.



Choose this folding chair if you want to make the atmosphere of the room lively. The main attraction and advantage of this folding stool are that the seat or seat is made of striking colorful polyurethane. You can put this stool in the corner of the room, or in the child’s room.

This product can also be a unique and unusual gift idea for friends or people closest to you.



Folding chairs from PT. Belvalley, a distributor of quality and trusted folding chairs, is used primarily in classrooms. The advantage is the anti-slip feature on the feet so it is not easy to slip or shift.


Of course, it would be annoying, right? A chair that shifts when in use makes writing sloppy. This folding lecture chair is equipped with anti-slip upholstery so it can be occupied comfortably. The bottom also has a shelf/basket for placing your things.


The stiffer seat is equipped with small vents that are plenty enough so that your back is not hot when using it for a long time. Besides the back part was designed curved so that it can sustain the body optimally.


The basic material is durable and simple steel material in terms of maintenance. This portable chair product is available in bright and attractive pastel colors.



Besides being available in minimalist and simple models, folding chair products can also look luxurious. One of them is a product made from leather material. Not only its luxurious appearance, but this folding chair is also quite flexible and able to withstand heavy loads.


You can put this folding leather chair in the family room or corner of the living room for a place to relax while watching television or reading a book.



When generally folding chairs are designed with a seat without a cushion, this one actually uses a soft sofa cushion because it prioritizes users. Compared to ordinary folding chairs, the shape is longer so you can use it while stretching your legs.


Even though it looks big, but when folded this folding chair can be stored easily or simply rests on the wall.


The folding chair with the main wood material is very suitable to be placed outdoors, for example, the back or front porch. This is because the wooden elements plus woven on the back and seat seats really support the natural feel. This folding chair is very suitable to accompany in hot weather.



If you choose this folding chair, guests will surely be amazed by its beauty. When not being opened to function as a chair, this furniture looks like a wooden board with a decorative painting with two folds. But when opened the top is the seat holder, while the top is the back of the chair. Unique, right?



How not to say unique, because the top of this wooden folding chair is equipped with a hanger that looks like a clothes hanger. So when not in use you can hang it on the wall or just provide a kind of small clothesline in the house to store this unique folding chair.

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