Belvalley Garden Furniture – The World’s Largest Polyrattan Factory

Belvalley Garden Furniture – The World’s Largest Polyrattan Factory. Belvalley is the only large polyrattan factory in Indonesia and has the widest export point. Therefore, PT Belvalley has a vision and mission to improve the quality of the products it has produced.

Softub Surround Belvalley Garden Furniture - The World's Largest Polyrattan FactoryPT belvalley also has other products such as polyrattan surround for softub accessories. Where polyrattan surround and polyrattan stepper are also produced both at PT Belvalley. The largest homabase owned by Belvalley is the best product ever made before.

These products are marketed through export markets and domestic markets. So that the production capacity produced is very abundant and has the type of production make to order by continuing. The CEO of PT Belvalley also explained the great opportunity to export markets abroad, especially uncle Sam’s country.

This polyrattan plant in Indonesia also provides opportunities for the surrounding community to absorb more experienced workforce. Because every worker who has good skills must be given good compensation. So that polyrattan surround and polyrattan furniture products can be global. This includes in concrete terms, because the opportunities in the world of furniture are very large in marketing.

Polyrattan surround and polyrattan furniture is also very influential in the international market, especially Indonesia provides the best supply in the world of exports. This will certainly boost the country’s economic growth. Polyrattan surround and polyrattan furniture which is the foundation in this garden furniture is very good, so that in the world of furniture, polyrattan is indeed the best choice to make the exterior of the house memorable and luxurious and minimalist.

PT Belvalley continues to study product quality that can guarantee satisfaction for customers and consumers worldwide. This is a motto that has always been continuously monitored to make the best Polyrattan Company in the world, especially Indonesia.

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